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Do You Get Recognised In The Street?


Sara Greenfield

Do you hate having your photo taken? Do you hate promoting yourself?

Until I owned my own business, I hated any self-promotion – I found a photo-shoot more stressful than standing in court! But as soon as I bought my own business, I realised that I had to overcome that natural bashfulness.

When we started up in business a number of years ago, we were told “get a professional photo taken”, so I contacted a local photographer and arranged a photo-shoot. He kept asking whether I wanted print quality or digital quality photos. When I said “Both, I think,” he laughed, and made me feel very ignorant. Needless to say, I didn’t like the photos he took and never went back to him. Now, of course, we work with lovely photographers like Julia Holland of All About Image, who would never dream of making you feel small.

I also now know that I wasn’t so stupid after all – I did need both types of photo. A print quality version is useful if you need to send a photo to a magazine or newspaper, or even for some print marketing – people like to see the person behind the business. A digital version is better for online as it is not as large, so allows websites to load more quickly. (That’s my layman’s explanation, by the way.)

Why am I telling you this? Well, it’s easy to forget that things that are obvious to us now, are not as obvious to people who are new to business or marketing.

And the reason I am talking about photos is that a photo is a key element of your social media marketing.

Some people say that you should change your photo frequently for variety. I believe, on the other hand, that it is better to use the same photo on all your social media channels for a lengthy period of time.

Why? Well people recognise you, and that leads to business opportunities.

I have now been recognised at least three times through my social media photo. Once was on a Saturday, when I had dashed to the farmers market in my old clothes and unwashed hair (ok, not so good!). The second time was on a train. The lady opposite me said “Are you Sara?”

She didn’t have a photo on her twitter profile, and I didn’t like to ask her if she was @grumpyoldmum, so I had to ask a few questions to work out who she was! It turned out it was @grumpyoldmum and she invited me to her book club. She has also put a few contacts my way and come along to a number of our events.

So, now for the big one. I was at a business event last week, when someone came up to me and said “You’re Sara, aren’t you. I need to chat to you.”
Because of the nature of the event, we were able to sit and chat for 10 minutes, at which point we got out our diaries and he booked in some social media training with me.

That wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t recognised me from my profile photo and seen me being active on LinkedIn.

So if you are struggling at all with the justification for spending time on social media, just think how nice it would be if someone came up to you out of the blue offering to do business with you.


PS If you’d like to know more about how to attract more business, have a look at “LinkedIn Success Strategies: For People Who Hate Cold Calling” – out now on Amazon.

Author: Sara Greenfield

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