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Creating Content: Does Your Mind Go Blank?


iStock_000014671339SmallSo, you “get” social media. You understand that you need to be posting useful and interesting content. But how on earth do you do that?

This is the point at which most people get stumped.

If you find yourself sitting in front of your computer for half an hour thinking “I must write something”, well, don’t.

Walk away. Go and make yourself a cup of tea. Stroke a cat. Walk the dog. Do anything other than sit at the desk.

Then, once you have relaxed a bit, and taken the pressure off yourself, have a think about what questions you frequently get asked:


  • What questions do clients often ask you?
  • What questions do people typically ask before they buy your product or service?
  • When people phone or email you asking for help, what are their typical problems that you can assist them with?
  • Are there any new developments that people need to know about?

Write these down and then write as much as you can in answer to each question. Don’t worry about good grammar or spelling until you have emptied your head. Then go back and tidy it up. You could even create it as a Q & A piece.

Find an image that has some relevance to what you have written. If you’re stuck, have a look on iStock or another image service.

This will give you the basis of a number of blog posts (or Google Plus or Facebook posts).

Then, see if you can break these down into separate sentences in order to create a spreadsheet of tweets that can be scheduled to go out at relevant times. Even if you can only pull out a few sentences that make sense on their own, as long as they provide useful tips, or are interesting, these will give you extra content for Twitter.

If you can’t fit any of them into tweets, just tweet a link to your original blog post.

Obviously you would also add a link on any other platforms that you use, including Pinterest.

1 BLOG POST = 3 Facebook posts + 3 Google Plus posts + 6 Tweets + 1 Pin + 1 LinkedIn post + other platforms.

Then recycle in a few months time.

Don’t panic, by the way, thinking you need to be on all of these platforms. This is just an example. Pick the ones that are best for your business, and learn one platform at a time.

If you don’t like writing, you may prefer to dictate it to a Virtual Assistant, or record a quick video.

As you go through the week, just make a quick note of any ideas that come to mind,or interesting articles that you read, and keep a folder of useful information and ideas so that you have a ready supply of content to fall back on if you get a mental block.

Once you have created your content, don’t forget to save copies so that you can send it out again at relevant intervals, whether you post links to older blogs or you recycle tweets. Re-using your original content will save you a huge amount of time in the future, especially if you combine it with some of the time-saving tools that I mentioned here. It also gives more value to the time that you spend creating the content – you know that it will be worthwhile.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to create all your content yourself. Here are some tips on how to find other content for your posts.

What is your experience of creating content – do you have any tips to share?


By the way, if you would like more free tips, just email me and ask for “Sara’s Saturday Social Media Tips”.


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