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How To Create A Video Using Images


How to create videos from imagesIf you have the nerve to do a Facebook Live video, it’s a great way to get visibility. Facebook seem to be promoting Facebook Live more than other content. Twitter and Instagram have also introduced live video.

But what if you don’t feel comfortable pressing that button to record live? Not everyone is comfortable recording live video, or even comfortable being in front of a camera.



If you are one of these people (and I’m one of these!), there are ways that you can create video using images.

There are lots of tools out there, but I’m going to talk about three of them

1. The easiest way is to use Facebook’s own Slideshow. What I didn’t realise until this week is that you can’t create a Slideshow unless you are an admin of a Facebook page.  If you are just an editor you will not see this option.

If you are an admin of a Facebook page, click in the box “Write Something” and click on the image icon on the bottom left-hand side.

Add Facebook Update




You will see three options in the menu – pick “Create Slideshow”:

Create Slideshow on Facebook




The other option, which doesn’t involve clicking in the “write something” box, is to just click on the image that says “Share a photo or video”:

Add an image to a Facebook Post







This gives you more options – again, just pick the bottom option “Create Slideshow”.

Create a Slideshow on Facebook








This brings you to a screen that looks like this:

Add photos to slideshow







When you add your photos they will appear in the bottom boxes, which I’ve shown with an arrow. Each photo will sit in each box. You can drag the photos from one box to another in order to change the order that they appear in the slideshow. If you want to delete a photo, there is a little cross in the right-hand corner when you hover over the image.

In the settings, you can change the speed that the images are shown and if you click on the “music” tab you can pick from a small selection of music. The selection is tiny at the moment but I’d imagine that more songs will be added. The music is all copyright-free. It’s not a good idea to upload any music of your own unless it’s music that you have written or that you know is not covered by copyright.

You can play a preview at any time.

Once you are happy, click the blue “Create Slideshow” button at the bottom.

Before it goes live, you have the option to add some wording into your post and to then press the “post” button, or to click the drop-down arrow and schedule the post to go out at a later time or date.

You can click on the post to edit it whenever you want.

2. Ripl: 

Ripl is a smartphone app that creates an animated post that can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You upload your images, wording and web link, and ripl creates multiple versions of an animated post. You pick the version you like, and can tweak the font, colours and design, and then share it on the platform of your choice. You can even add music, although there is a limited choice with the free version.

If you use the free version, it will say ripl on the post, and the link will be a shortened link with the word “ripl” in it. When I realised this, I was worried people might not realise it was a web link, so I edited the Facebook post to say “Click this link”.

Out of the tools I use, Ripl is the quickest to use but their monthly fee is a lot to pay if you don’t use the tool that often, and if you use the free version it doesn’t look very good with the word “ripl” on everything.

Here’s an example of a ripl video:

3. Animoto We have been using animoto for years and pay for the professional version. However, if you do not use it very often, the free version does everything you need. The paid version gives you more design options and allows you to download a higher quality video. If you have the free option and want a high-quality mp4 you can pay a one-off fee.

With animoto, you create a project and add your images. It also allows you to create slides with just wording in them, so you can alternate these between images in order to tell your story. It doesn’t give you a huge amount of space for the wording, but it is usually enough to get the key message across.

Animoto gives you a great range of styles to choose from, even if you are using the free version. Each style is quite different in terms of the look and feel when the slides are turned into video. You can swap styles to see what the video would look like with each one.

You can also pick from a fairly wide range of music. The music makes a massive difference to the feel of the video.

Most of the videos we’ve created lately have been for clients, but this was one we made for our previous business a few years ago. We bought a duck for a charity duck race and visited all our clients:


Contrast this with one we did to promote our monthly social media workshops:


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