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comparison of Twitter analytics from March to May 2017We were asked a few months ago to help a client promote their new book. The book was published in April so we set up a Twitter account for the book in March in order to start building up a follower base, and awareness.

We created a separate Twitter account for the book rather than using the client’s day to day account, as the book was for a specific niche and targeted a different audience.

I spent a lot of time at the outset creating content; going through the book to pull out tweetable excerpts and reviews, and creating images as well as written tweets.

In order to get a mix of content, I pulled in two copywriters to help. Although I created most of the content myself, the copywriters brought a different perspective, so I have a good mix of content.

Once the book was published, I focused more on finding followers who were likely to buy the book. This doesn’t mean that we have thousands of followers – although we will in time. It means that we have quality followers.

In March we started off with 39 profile visits and 1 mention.

Just two months later, these were the stats for the month of May (these are the stats for that month rather than for the lifetime of the account):

116 new followers in May
602 profile visits
285 tweets
43 mentions and
33.5k reach
I found an excellent tool that takes people to the relevant Amazon page for their country and, using this tool, I started tracking clicks to their Amazon page on 2nd May 2017.
From 2nd May until today (5th July 2017) we have generated 3,358 clicks to our client’s Amazon page.
Interestingly, the majority of these clicks are from the US and Germany.
When you are promoting on Twitter a product that can be sold internationally, remember to take into account the time difference for each country. It would be too complicated to work out all the times, so we have set up our Twitter account to tweet at regular intervals all through the day and night.
If you want to know more about Twitter analytics click here.
If you have a book to promote, take a look at “How To Tweet Your Book” or if you have a local business, this book, “Twitter Success Strategies” will show you how to get similar results for your business.


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