Bright Ideas For Your Business Using Social Media


Win More Business

Would you like to:

  • Build a community of raving fans who will buy from you again and again?
  • Collect leads?
  • Stay in touch with customers and potential customers?

What would happen to your business if you were to obtain the contact details of 50-150 potential customers every month?

Even if you only added 50 a month, within 6 months you would have 300 names and within 12 months you would have 600 names.

In some cases, you could have double this number.

What would happen if you contacted all those people every single month with your latest news and offers?

You will generate MORE SALES.

First of all, the people on your list will be the people who are most likely to buy from you.

Secondly, by keeping in touch with them you can entice them to buy more from you.

Have you ever used a business and, years later, tried to remember who they were? Or perhaps you use a great business, but just get caught up in daily life and forget about them?

Good marketing will keep your name in front of people, reminding them that you are there, and encouraging them to visit you again.

Looking further into the future, what would happen if you ever wanted to sell your business?

If you have a large database of local people who buy from your regularly, you are likely to be adding huge value to your business. It is the equivalent of offering a pot of gold, and will certainly sway someone who is looking to buy a successful business.

The particular strategy works best for certain types of business.

If you’re in retail or hospitality, get in touch and ask us about our “Win More Business” package.

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If you are not in one of these industries, there are still lots of ways we can help you get more business, it just needs a different strategy. Do get in touch and have a chat.