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Facebook Scam


Facebook scams

One of my contacts received this post on their Facebook page this week and asked me whether it was really from Facebook.

I’m so glad they checked with me first –  it’s a scam:


How did I know it was a scam? These were the clues (this isn’t an official list, just the things that alerted me):

1. It was posted by another page – anyone can set up a page
2. It shared a post from the page rather than emailing or notifying us like other official Facebook notifications that we receive (eg when we run ads).

As I was suspicious, I put the page name into Google and found lots of threads with people asking the same question and the official Facebook help replying to say it’s a scam.

If you ever receive messages like this, put it into Google and see what discussion threads come up in searches. I sometimes put the whole wording of the email or post into the Google search bar.

What to do next?

If you receive one of these posts or any harrassment on Facebook, here is the help page:

With this particular post, I clicked on the page name, clicked the three dots near the top of the profile and reported them, and blocked them with a click of a button.

Sara Greenfield June 2016


This tip was originally emailed to my contacts who signed up for weekly tips. If you would like regular social media tips email and ask for “Sara’s Saturday Social Media Tips”.


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