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How To Tweet Your Instagram Posts With A Full Photo


How to post Instagram images to TwitterWhen you’ve posted an image on Instagram, you have probably at some point thought you’d save time and simultaneously post the image to Twitter.

There’s a handy tick box just before you post your photo.

If you have done this and looked at your Twitter account, you will be disappointed to see that the photo itself doesn’t show in your tweet – it’s just a link.



If you do this with all your tweets your account will look like this:

Instagram links in every tweet

Unless you have written some amazing wording that gets people clicking through to see the image, no one is likely to click the link.  (By the way, the same thing happens when you link Facebook to Twitter; if you have done this, here’s how to unlink them).

This meant that I was manually posting images separately to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for a while – that’s a lot of effort when you’re in the midst of exciting events.

I was reminded of the solution the other day. It’s funny how you forget things – I had this solution running a few years ago until Chris complained about my (sometimes strange) personal Instagram images going to our joint business Twitter account. I then completely forgot about it until I was chatting with someone at an event.

The solution is……..


No, I haven’t gone mad as well as being forgetful.

IFTT is a website that links online sources in order to streamline your life.

The initials stand for “If This Then That”.

You create “applets”, or use ones that have already been created.

If you use WordPress, for example, there is an applet that you can use that says “If I post a blog on WordPress, then tweet the blog post” or “If I post to Twitter using x hashtag, then post it on LinkedIn”.

In this particular case, you set up an IFTT applet that says “If I post a photo on my Instagram account, then post it as a native Twitter image”.

Here is a screenshot of the applet that I picked:

Instagram applet posts to Twitter


This is what the tweet looked like:

Image of Instagram post on Twitter

At one point we had an applet running that added people to a public Twitter list if they used #NorwichHour but someone kept complaining that we had added her personal Twitter account to a public list. Even when we took her off the list, of course, next time she used that hashtag she got added to the list again.

Why someone would take part in #NorwichHour using their personal account rather than their business account, and then complain about being added to a list, I don’t know, but it wasn’t worth the time in replying to emails/ tweets, so we stopped it running.

As with any automation, you do need to be careful. I stopped all my “IFTTs” running until I remembered the Instagram/ Twitter solution.

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