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Do You Need A Facebook Group For Your Business?


Facebook Groups for your businessDo you like chatting? Do you find you get to know people better by chatting to them?

Even if you’re an introvert, you might still enjoy chatting to people online – in fact, this is probably a great way for you to interact.

When people get to know, like and trust you, they are more likely to buy from you.

Facebook Pages, as you know, are very static. Unless someone posts on your page you can’t easily interact with individuals. We all know that Facebook reach has decreased, so how do you get more interaction on Facebook?

One quick way to get in front of relevant people on Facebook is to run ads.

Facebook ads are very cost effective and work extremely well. For one of my clients who has an online course, I have been running a number of ads. At the beginning, we spent a bit more money in order to run tests, but once we found the image, wording and targeting that worked, I was able to run ads for her with a spend of just £5 a week in the run-up to her latest course, and this brought in bookings.

Other ways to get more interaction and reach are to use one of the message chatbots to interact with people on your page, use live video, or run competitions and polls. I will cover these in more detail another time, but for today I’m going to look at a no-cost solution to getting more interaction on Facebook: Facebook Groups.

Facebook groups are free – except for your time. Always weigh up the benefit of doing something against the time or cost, and make sure that what you do ties in with your end goals.

You are probably a member of a number of groups. In fact, it can be quite annoying that people can add you to a group without your consent. People you are friends with can add you to a group. I was once added to a group called White Witches of Norfolk – perhaps I need to double check my friends!

Until recently you couldn’t join groups as a business.

You still can’t, BUT you can now link your own group to your business page. This enables your business to interact with people in your own group.

Until now LinkedIn groups have worked very well for me but since recent changes, LinkedIn groups aren’t as active as they used to be. A lot of business people are jumping over to Facebook groups.

Before you set up a Facebook group for your business, work out first why you are setting up the group – how does it fit in with your strategy, who do you want as members, what you are going to talk about in that group and how much time you are going to dedicate to the group?

Think about what will attract people who are likely to be your customers. What are they interested in? The group doesn’t need to be purely about your business.

If you are looking for local people, set up a group to chat about your local area or to promote businesses in that area. 

If you want to be seen as an expert, set up a group where people can ask you questions about your area of expertise. You will definitely need to set aside enough time to do this. Personally, I love helping people and when they ask me questions it’s a great chance to double check my knowledge and learn even more. This often leads to ideas for blog posts.

You also need to decide whether the group is to be a public, closed or secret group. Here’s a handy chart from Facebook explaining the differences:

To set up a group for your business page:

  • Go to the “Groups” tab on the left-hand side of your home page in your personal profile 
  • You will see a green button in the top right-hand corner that says “Create Group”.
  • Once you have created the group, go to your business page and click “Settings”.
  • Click “Edit Page”
  • You will see a list of tabs. Depending on how you have set up your page you may already see a tab that says “groups”
  • If you don’t see this tab, click “Add a tab” and you will see “Groups” listed. Click “Add tab”
  • Click “link your group” and pick the group you want to link to your page.

You should now be able to interact with that group in your business name, and people landing on your page have an extra option to interact with you by joining your group.


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