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How To Boost Your Engagment Using LinkedIn Video


photo of iphone on mini tripodLinkedIn have added video to the mix. Are you excited?

As you’ll see later in this post, video could transform your experience on LinkedIn.

As well as being able to upload videos to a post (rather than using a YouTube link), you can now actually record video from within your LinkedIn app.

Video uploaded in this way is likely to get more engagement than if you post a link to a video.

Most platforms give priority in their newsfeed to videos uploaded direct, so it’s no longer good practice to share a link on any of the platforms; it’s a case of uploading the video direct, or recording live from each platform.  (By the way, I’m talking here about your own videos – there’s no harm in sharing other people’s videos if they would be of interest to your audience.)

Uploading video rather than sharing a link involves extra work on your part but will help extend the reach of your posts. The big question is which platform to use. This post focuses on LinkedIn.

Recording Video From The LinkedIn App On Your Phone

In order to record video from your phone, open the LinkedIn app, click on the “Share an article, photo or video” tab at the top of the app, and you will see this screen:

Screenshot of first step in recording video on your LinkedIn app


If you click the video or camera icon the app will ask for access to your camera roll. You can then either choose an existing video or image to upload or you can record a video there and then.

Screenshot of phone app - choose an existing video or photo or click the button to record new video
When you click the video icon, click the red video camera button at the bottom of the screen to start recording.

Once you have finished recording, don’t panic, it won’t go live immediately. You have the chance to view the video to check it’s OK then click “Next”.

LinkedIn will add the video to a LinkedIn post. Again, it won’t go live until you have added some wording and posted the update as normal.

Just click the small x at the top of the post if you want to cancel the update.

Screenshot of final screen before posting the video to LinkedIn. You get the chance to write some wording and check the video.
The first video I posted was published upside down. I presume it’s because I held the screen horizontally whilst filming. When I held the phone in normal portrait mode, the video was posted the right way up and uploaded fairly quickly.

Ideas For Using Video On Your LinkedIn App

You could use this in-app video, for example, to record events you attend, record a selfie, record behind-the-scenes videos to give people a better understanding of your business, record a customer testimonial.

Some people worry about the quality of the video shot from a phone, but people are used to seeing this sort of video. If you want a video for your website, or if you have a large budget, then professional video is a “must-have”.

However, videos shot on your phone work well in spontaneous situations, for example, if you want to give people a feel of a live event, you want to record something that is happening at your premises right at that moment, or you want to record your thoughts and tips so that people get to know you as a person.

If a customer is telling you how much they love your product, catch them on video whilst they are full of energy (with their consent, of course). If you ask them to come back and record a video in a meeting room at another time, I can guarantee you that they will not be as dynamic or enthusiastic.

Extra Tip No1

You can add up to 1300 characters in a video post so if you have time, try adding words as well as video and see if it makes a difference to your reach.

If you are publishing your post on the go, and don’t have time to type out lots of text, you can go back in later to edit the post and add more wording. Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner and click “edit post”.

I recorded a quick video on my phone one weekend to let people know I was updating my LinkedIn book and that the updated version would be out on Amazon that week. I’m rubbish at selfies – I always look at the wrong part of the phone so my eyes look really shifty or strange. The video I recorded wasn’t brilliant, but I did it just to see how it all worked. I didn’t even use a microphone, selfie stick or tripod – it’s a case of “do as I say, not as I do”!

I think that people relate more to someone who is human and learns by making mistakes rather than trying to seem perfect all the time, so I posted the video on LinkedIn.

I went back to the post and added more wording.

Guess what? That post is probably one of the best I’ve done for a while in terms of reach and engagement.

Was I making the right impression? Who knows? Did I sell books? Yes – my book climbed to the top 100,000 on (the top 1000 in the UK sales and marketing category). That might not seem a lot, but it was for a book that has been on Amazon since 2013. It wasn’t part of a big launch or promotional push; it had no extra promotion other than that LinkedIn post.

I’m going to be brave here and embed a copy of that post so that you can have a look:

Things I Learnt The Hard Way!

If you are using your phone to record videos at an important event, here are two tips (learnt the hard way from experience):

1. Make sure you have enough space on your phone otherwise the videos won’t record
2. If you are inside a building with little phone signal, make sure you log onto the venue’s wifi before videoing.

Bookmark Your Videos

At the time of writing it is hard to find old videos that you’ve recorded. If you think you may want to refer back to your video, either bookmark the page or use a bespoke hashtag so that you can find your content more easily.


I think that LinkedIn will soon enable you to record from your desktop computer as well as the phone app. Look out for more updates as they refine this handy tool!


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