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Facebook Reach In A Downward Spiral? This One Simple Tip Can Help


Quick Facebook TipAfter the massive Facebook announcement recently, I thought I’d share with you a tip to help increase the reach of your Facebook Page content.

See First

Did you know that if people click the “See First” setting when they are on your Facebook Page, they will see your page posts at the top of their feed?



I often do this if I want to get to know someone better – I change the settings so that I see their posts first.

It’s fairly easy to do, but most people who like your page won’t know about this. You will need to find a way to educate your page visitors and encourage them to change their settings so that they see your posts first.

It could be as simple as saying:

“If you’d like to keep seeing xyz, tap the “following” button and choose “See First”.

You could then ask a question to try to get people to engage with the post, which would increase its reach.

Some people are even running Facebook ads to encourage their followers to change their setting.

If you know how to use video software, you could record a quick explainer video, otherwise, a screenshot will do the trick. If you don’t have the software to take a detailed screenshot, take a look at Skitch. This is a very useful free tool for taking screenshots of specific areas of your screen and adding annotation, shapes and also blurring out any private information.


See Posts First on Facebook


Then on your Facebook Page:

  • Write a post asking people to change their settings, giving them a good explanation of why they would want to change their settings.
  • Add your screenshot or explainer video to the post.
  • Pin that post to the top of your page. 

The key here, of course, is to think:

“Why should people change their settings? What is compelling enough to make them go to that effort?”

What content will you be adding to your page to make people want to see your posts first in their newsfeed?

This is a simple tip, but all these little things add up.

Other ways to get your content seen are to set up a Facebook group for your business (again, think why people would want to join the group and who you would want to attract to the group) or to add more video, especially Live Video, and try the new Facebook Stories.

Cheeky request – if you’d like to see regular social media tips and updates, feel free follow our page and to click “See First” on our Facebook page here. 



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