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Online Social Media Course. Click the image for details.

Online Social Media Course. Click the image for details.


LinkedIn Success Strategies: For People Who Hate Cold Calling.

This online course comprises a series of 38 short videos, downloads and checklists to help you set up your profile correctly and create a strategy to make best use of LinkedIn to bring in leads and increase brand awareness.

Learn at your own pace in bite-sized chunks.

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“The class is wonderful and just what I need right now.”

“As a freelance marketing writer and LinkedIn user looking for new projects and clients, I was interested in learning how I might better use LinkedIn to help me achieve my goals. I don’t want to give all of the tips Sara shared away, so suffice it to say that I made MAJOR changes to my LinkedIn profile, and MAJOR changes to how I use LinkedIn, based on what I learned in this course. Since I made those changes, I’m appearing in more search results, and more and more people are visiting my profile each day.”

A Beginner’s Guide To Twitter

Click HERE to buy this online course for just EUR10 (around £7). The course comprises a mixture of screen recordings and pdf downloads to take you through every step from ensuring your profile attracts customers, to finding targeted followers who are likely to do business with you. Lifetime access – plus updates of major changes.

How To Tweet Your Book

A beginner’s guide for authors on how to use Twitter to promote their book. Based on our experience in tweeting books for authors and seeing the sales results. The course comprises a mixture of screen recordings and pdf downloads which you can follow in your own time. Lifetime access – plus updates of major changes.

Click HERE to buy this online course for just EUR10 (around £7)


LinkedIn Success Strategies: For People Who Hate Cold Calling.

Buy the pdf version here:

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(NB you don’t need a kindle to read it – you can download an app for the desktop/ iPad etc from the Amazon page)

“Downloaded your Linkedin kindle book – wow its fantastic so much more to learn.”

“Everything becomes crystal clear in this refreshingly easy to read, practical guide which takes you logically through all the things you need to implement to gain the most advantage from this social media platform – including ‘hidden gems’ that you might never, ever find on your own. I sat down on Saturday afternoon to read through it and then decided that as it was such a practical guide that I would open up my LinkedIn account and follow the instructions as they were set out page by page. Now on Sunday evening I am three quarters of the way through it and my LinkedIn profile, presence and strategy for the future bear no relation to what it was prior to starting reading it. If you are serious about using LinkedIn as part of your marketing plan or to build your business look no further, this book will be one of the best investments you will make. Highly recommended” (Amazon review)

LinkedIn Success Strategies by

LinkedIn Success Strategies by Sara Greenfield

“I mainly use Facebook, Twitter and Google+, I have never been a big LinkedIn user and have always believed that I should have met anyone I am connected with. Tonight I have changed my mind and now have about 15 connections that have approached me. I will be recommending your book on every social media course I run. I will let you know how my new strategy works for me, I can’t believe I read the whole book in one go and I am dyslexic-  just shows how easy to understand it is.” Kevin G




Twitter Success Strategies: A Beginner’s Guide To Twitter.

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This book is for business people who want to get better results using Twitter and to save time. The first Chapter also covers setting up an account from scratch. This book benefits both beginners and those who are using Twitter already but feel a little lost.

The book covers strategies for finding leads, how to find content, and free or low cost tools to save you time and achieve results.

Twitter_Strategies_Cover RGB

How to Tweet Your Book – A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter.

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“This book is an absolute MUST HAVE, especially if you’re an author. Whatever you use Twitter for you’ll be glad you have this book to guide you. I had taken advice from top authors and media experts that any business should only concentrate on two social media platforms and that Twitter and Google plus were the main ones. I therefore threw myself into the muddy waters of Twitter and was struggling to swim upstream. However, fortune favours the brave (who dares wins) and I bumped into Sara’s book, it was like climbing into a boat and the book very clearly guided me. It still is the only ‘how-to’ guide for Twitter I need.”

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How To Tweet Your Book by Sara Greenfield

How To Tweet Your Book
by Sara Greenfield