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We first tried tweeting a book for an author as an experiment a few years ago, and it was so successful in terms of book sales, that he asked us to tweet five more of his books. Since then we have been tweeting our own books, and those of other authors.

When I say “tweeting a book”, what I mean is that we create a Twitter account solely for the purpose of promoting the book and create a series of tweets that provide helpful information, along with a number of promotional tweets. The promotional tweets contain links to the book sales page.

We build up a targeted following of people who are likely to buy the book.  For example, with my book “LinkedIn Success Strategies”, I run searches on Twitter to find people who are updating their LinkedIn profile and I follow those people. I know that these people are more likely to be interested in my book than someone who doesn’t have a LinkedIn account. This is why it is so successful.

This method works best for non-fiction books.

You can pick up detailed tips on how to do this yourself from my book “How To Tweet Your Book” or, if you prefer watching videos, take a look at the online course of the same name, which comprises videos and downloads and which you can do in your own time in easy chunks.

Alternatively, let us tweet your book and build a targeted following – this helps with book sales, and helps you gain credence with publishers.

Online Mentoring is also available. Email Sara at for details.

Need practical help to get started?

Twitter For Authors: Basic Package:

  • Twitter Account set up for your book
  • Create 20 tweets
  • Find 20 targeted followers

Twitter For Authors: Complete Set Up

  • Twitter Account set up for your book
  • Create 100 tweets
  • Find 100 targeted followers

2 hours one to one training (face to face in Norwich or skype or email)

If you have a spreadsheet of tweets, let us schedule them for you on an ongoing basis for just £5 a month per Twitter account. (Tweets scheduled to go out at set intervals)