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Social Media Hub Norwich

Monthly meetings in Norwich to keep you up to date on social media

Are you a business in Norwich or Norfolk? Are you using social media in your business, but worried you are not getting the results you want?

Are you worried about keeping up to date?


Covering a different topic each month, Social Media Hub will drip-feed social media tips to you.

Pay as you go

Book the sessions that appeal to you (see list below) and pay as you go. £49 per session.

Become a member

 Any member of your organisation can attend any session (one attendee per meeting), plus online support between meetings: £39 per month paid by direct debit.

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Learn, Share, Support

  • Monthly meeting in Norwich
  • 90 minute learning spot each month
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Ask any questions/ sort out any problems
  • Online support between meetings
  • Membership covers the business – any member of your team can attend the meetings and ask for online help. (one person per meeting)
  • Choice of two meeting dates each month

We run each session twice, so that if you can’t make one session, you can attend the other. The meetings will usually take place on the fourth Tuesday and Friday of each month. Check the list below for full details. The Tuesday meeting is in Norwich at no8 Thorpe Road, and the Friday meeting is at Rowan House, Hethersett.

Cost: £49 per meeting.

Sign up as a member for just £39 per month to attend each meeting and get additional online support.

Email to book your place or enquire about membership.

Monthly Themes for Social Media Hub:

January: Blogging

How to set up a blog, how to find things to write about that will appeal to your readers, general blogging tips, how to increase the shares your blog gets on social media, clever ideas on how to re-use your blog posts to save time and produce content for social media.

Norwich: 23rd January 2018 • Hethersett: 26th January 2018

February: Facebook Ads

Four tips on how to deal with the latest Facebook changes

How to set up Facebook Ads, how to target the right audience, (whilst spending the least amount of ££), a sneak peek at other people’s targeting (so you can borrow their ideas!)

How to collect leads direct from Facebook (applicable to B2B and B2C)

How to stretch your budget – yes you can get ads for less than 30p per click!

How to target ads to people who have engaged with your page (even if you don’t know who they are!)

Please note change of venue on 23rd February – due to demand we have moved to a bigger venue for this workshop. We will be at Ayton House in Wymondham. We’ll still be at No8 Thorpe Road for the 27th.

Norwich: 27th February 2018 • Wymondham: 23rd February 2018

March: Strategy

You will come away with a written strategy and an action plan. In this workshop, we will look at your social media goals, your ideal customer, how this ties in with your sales process, how to create relevant content, time-saving tools, how to get “stuff” done.

Norwich: 27th March 2018 • Hethersett: 23rd March 2018

April: Which Platform + Twitter Tips

A look at the different social media platforms, and which ones are best for your business. We will also be giving tips and guidance on using Twitter.

Norwich: 24th April 2018 • Hethersett: 27th April 2018 

May: First Impressions + Images

How to create your perfect bio and make a great first impression. We will also be looking at how to find, create and edit compelling images for social media using free tools.

Norwich: 22nd May 2018 • Hethersett: 25th May 2018 

June: Creating Compelling Content

Do you struggle with what to say on social media? This workshop shows you lots of ways to create compelling content.

Norwich: 26th June 2018 • Hethersett: 29th June 2018 

July: Pinterest and Instagram

In this workshop, we take a more in-depth look at using Instagram and Pinterest for your business.

Norwich: 24th July 2018 • Hethersett: 27th July 2018

August: Engagement - Are People Talking To You

In this workshop we will look at ways in which you can ENGAGE your audience in direct conversations using social media.

Norwich: 28th August 2018 • Hethersett: 24th August 2018

September: Social Selling

In this workshop we will look at social media for sales: how to use social media to get sales.

Norwich: 25th September 2018 • Hethersett 28th September 2018 

October: Video

Video – the way of the future. Video is now a key feature on many of the main social media platforms. We will show you how to create video from your desk using existing images, as well as taking video on a normal camera, mobile phone or tablet.

Norwich: 23rd October 2018 • Hethersett 26th October 2018 

November: Tools And Analytics

You can save a huge amount of time on social media, and get better results if you know which tools to use. In this workshop, we give an overview of the main tools that can save you time and help you make more sales as well as tips on how to read your analytics and create reports.

Norwich: 27th November 2017 • Hethersett 30th November 2017

December: Member-Only event

Norwich: 18th December 2018 • Hethersett 21st December 2018 

Format of the Meeting

10:00 am – 10:15  am Coffee and networking
10:15 am – 11:15  am Interactive learning session based on the theme of the month
11:15 am – 12 noon Update on latest changes in social media and round table discussion, sharing ideas and tips.

These timings may change, especially if we are covering a more in-depth topic.

Discussions will continue online between meetings via private Facebook and LinkedIn groups, plus the opportunity to ask any questions/ get help with problems.

The theme of each meeting may change. We will be reacting to current trends.

Feedback from Previous Meetings

“Can’t wait for the next session”

“Thanks for today’s training – really useful day today”

“Thank you so much for running this event, it was brilliant and got those little grey cells firing again”

“It was absolutely fantastic, loved the workbook too and I learned so much from one morning with you.”

“I have been attending social media training sessions with Bright Yellow Marketing for a couple of years now and I always learn something new!”

Email to book your place.


Social Media Hub Norwich takes place at Number 8 Thorpe Road on the fourth Tuesday every month.