Bright Ideas For Your Business Using Social Media


Who are we?


Hello, we are Chris and Sara Greenfield. (Chris prefers to be behind the camera rather than in front of one, which is why you only see Sara in photos!)

Bright Yellow Marketing came about because we have been using social media for years; it helped us through the recession.

We used to chat to our clients about social media when we were running our previous business and often ended up helping them with Facebook or Twitter.

Chris has a background in IT training, so when one of these clients said “Can you train our staff on social media, and by the way, we have some great training rooms that you can use” we jumped at the chance.

At the same time, another client asked us to sit with them in their office once a week to help get them going and to train up a member of staff. Over a period of two months, we met them weekly, discussed ideas for marketing, and helped them set up a way to collect e-mail addresses from their facebook page, build up a database and set up automatic e-mails using free software.

Another client asked us to tweet his book as an experiment. It worked so well in terms of book sales, that we have now set up a Twitter account for each of his 6 books.

Spotting a gap in the market, Sara published “How To Tweet Your Book” which attained #1 in the Amazon Kindle Sales & Marketing section in the UK and #3 in the US.

She then went on to publish two more books on Amazon Kindle and published an online LinkedIn course .

This was a number of years ago now, and the business has grown in response to client demand. We stopped running our previous business and now focus solely on social media and marketing for small local businesses.

Chris is HootSuite certified and a few years ago we ran the biggest “hootup” in Europe – yes, our event in Norwich (UK) was the best attended!

So you see, Bright Yellow Marketing was born from demand from our existing clients and allows us to help local businesses and professionals using our knowledge and skills.

We are often asked to speak at networking events and because we do talks and run regular training, we keep up to date on what is happening in social media. It changes so quickly there is always something new – and we are there keeping track of it all for you.

Because social media changes so much, and because we felt that local business people would like to learn in bite-size chunks over a period of time, we set up Social Media Hub Norwich. These are monthly meetings where we cover a different topic each month.

We also offer in-house social media training, one to one training, online coaching, Norwich workshops, speaking at events, online courses, books, profile writing service, author support, social media management – and the occasional Norwich networking event.

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